Closer to home

It keeps coming closer and closer to home even as I write. The evil of sexual harassment. We, like complete idiots (especially in India) do our best to ignore the reality, and in the process put so many young lives at risk.

Last year, when I heard a case of a girl, I wanted to go talk to her, reassure her that “culprit will be punished. Don’t feel guilty”. I did not because when people are not used to talking out aloud, any attempt at communication may cause a trauma. So Why don’t we talk SEX? For, I do worry about a predator at large. Don’t underestimate our youngsters, they are quite intelligent and mature (usually 🙂 ) compared to our times.  I coordinated a student’s discussion on a related subject last year and was happy and surprised to see their openness and enthusiasm.

The urgency of the situation downed on me because of a famous youngster (she is internationally acclaimed), who happens to be one of my neighbors now, who recently came out with a “#me too” story. I was quite devastated. For a long time I had planned to read about her achievements, “do a google search and find her, I had kept reminding myself”. May be I have seen her several times during my morning jog. It was so sad to know more about her only after. If someone who is wealthy and famous in the first world country can be targeted, what about commoners in the third world? (I did know all high profile cases but the true impact comes only when it literally hits home).

So I appeal to kindred spirits, If you are a parent, do have discussion with your kids about sex.  After all, what is a small embarrassment if it can avoid a disaster? If you are a youngster, be more honest, open and considerate in your interaction with others. Facing the evil, head-on may be the best way to defeat it.


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PhD in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos. Teaching Physics and Mathematics to engineers for more than 11 years. I have a huge interest in teaching and learning and an incurably optimistic attitude to the limit of sounding insane. Unless specified I always interpret words as per average public perception where I take the average over my known universe, the context unfortunately is only limited to my universe, but I hope neuroscience will change it sooner or later.

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