Lecture Notes 1: Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra Lecture Notes


This is the first draft of my linear algebra lecture notes. It will have to go through one or two more iterations before it becomes respectable. However I post it here, mainly for my students and for anyone else interested.


I am planning to use these notes during mu summer course. There are many differences from the usual way I handled the course before,

(1) I have tried to keep the content minimal and essential,

(2) The problems are somewhat open ended in the sense students are required to construct a part of the problem themselves which is much more fun.

A nice example is the following. One of the problem asks students to create 3 lines with a unique intersection point. There are three ways of doing it, which we discussed in the class (it is not included in the notes though)

(1) Think of the easiest scenario:…

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PhD in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos. Teaching Physics and Mathematics to engineers for more than 11 years. I have a huge interest in teaching and learning and an incurably optimistic attitude to the limit of sounding insane. Unless specified I always interpret words as per average public perception where I take the average over my known universe, the context unfortunately is only limited to my universe, but I hope neuroscience will change it sooner or later.

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