Analysis of a control system

Hello all. Have been away for a long time busy with teaching. Will be away again for correcting papers, but in between I just wanted to draw your attention to my write-up on understanding connections between a system of linear differential equations that describes a proportional control problem, the cause and effect analysis of the corresponding system and the transfer function analysis of the long time behavior of the system.  

Special thanks to the Olin college and the Ahmedabad university and the Argosy foundation for making this work possible.

  Do be generous with your valuable inputs. Wish you all a happy winter.


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PhD in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos. Teaching Physics and Mathematics to engineers for more than 11 years. I have a huge interest in teaching and learning and an incurably optimistic attitude to the limit of sounding insane. Unless specified I always interpret words as per average public perception where I take the average over my known universe, the context unfortunately is only limited to my universe, but I hope neuroscience will change it sooner or later.

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