I have wanted to write some such blog for more than a decade. I kept delaying it as I have a lot more interest in learning than communicating. But now I have come to realize that communicating fosters learning in multiple ways (I agree without shame that I am very selfish, hopefully without being short-sighted, I thank Dawkins for that attitude). Hence this blog.

I also wish to elaborate that the word selfish means different things to different people, to me it means to follow my mind and be happy about it, without harming others. I love to teach because imparting knowledge makes me happy. I often stand up for people who need support because that gives me satisfaction.

Many thanks to Prof. Rakesh Pandey for encouraging me (though unsuccessfully at that time) to start a blog on PBL, To Prof. Chandra for additional encouragement and his patience with my forever skeptical attitude, To Jeemol Unni, you are the root cause of many good  things.


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